Paper List >> Volume 8،No. 11

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1The Hazrate Davids authority in Ibne Arabis actsFatemeh Marvi
2Evaluation of urinary mercury levels in dentists of Dentistry department of Ahvaz oil industrys health care, in 2010Daghayeghi Amirhushang, Esharaf Hengameh, Dormiani
3The Impact of Willingness to Communicate on Iranian EFL Learners Speaking AbilitySeyyed Mohsen Tousi, Hamidreza Khalaji, PhD
4A Critical Survey of Contrastive Analysis Hypothesis in a Multilingual(Persian & Turkish and English Context) CommunityBehnam Behfrouz, Ameneh Joghataee
5Multi objective Generation expansion planning in deregulated systems to consider benefit of generation companyMohammad Ghaffari rad, Hassan Barati, Behrouz Moarref
6Evaluation of magnetic field on water hardness and some characteristics of concreteMasoud Rasoolian, Reza Takhsha, Omid sarani, Yahya Saravani
7Relationship Between Corporate Governance And Dividend Payment Policy Of Companies Listed In Tehran Stock ExchangeNima Afsari
8Reviewing of The impact of information and communication technology in the health fieldMajid Golshani, Somayeh Malekzadeh, Parisa Bagheri, Fatemeh Ramezani, Faeze Darabi, Roya Naemi
9Iran and Arab Contemporary Sustainability LiteraturesHamidreza gholami, Mahmoud Shakib
10The Reflection of Constitutionism in the Poems of Ahmad Shoqi and Mohammad Taqi-e BaharSakineh Malmir , Mahmoud Shakib
11Study of professional self- concept of nursing students of Shiraz University of medical scienceSeyyed saeed najafi, Rahim Rabiei Golmakani, Marziea Moattari, Marziea Momennasab
12Rights and obligations of spouses, after the dissolution of the marriage and subtraction physicalSaeid kheradmandy
13Civil liability arising from the use of significant hydrocarbon resources, for environmental damagesSaeid Kheradmandi, Ghasem Heidari Rostami
14Credit Rating Legal Disclaimer telephone lines (fixed / mobile), By telecommunications companiesCredit Rating Legal Disclaimer telephone lines (fixed / mobile), By telecommunications companiesHamidreza Rostami, Rasoul Lotfi Namivandi
15The Role of Social Physique Anxiety in leisure time Physical activity of YoungersSeyed Mohammad Ali Gouya, Mohsen Zahedi nia, Homeira Mirdar, Zahra Bozorg Zadeh
16Removal of Sr2+ from aqueous solutions by adsorbent activated carbon of almond shellMozhdeh Liyaghati- Delshad and Reza Moradi
17Comparison of stress anxiety and satisfaction of marital life between employee women and man in health and remedy organization in darrehshahrMehri Pourjamshid, Hossen Zaynivand
18The General Principles Governing the Principle and Implementation of Sanctions in the Jurisprudence and Law of Islamic Penalmohammadreza Malekraeisi, Ali Alebouyeh
19Investigating the relationship between measures of performance evaluationbased on Throughput Accounting and Cost AccountingMohammad Hamed Khanmohammadi, Masoumeh Hosseini
20Abortion in comparative study of religionsMahnaz salami
21The Analysis of the Effects ofSalinity andAscorbic Acidon GrowthProperties ofGerman Chamomile (Chamomilla Recutita L)Ali mogahdam, Amin fathi, Mahbob lotfi, Kamran asadi, Atefeh Amouzadeh
22The Mutual Relationship of Men and Women in IslamicReligionMorad Olad
23Improve Static Voltage Stability Edge with Optimal Placement of UPFC and PSTSeyed Ehsan Lary Seyed Zadeh,Afshin Lashkar Ara
24Effect of simvastatin versus metformin on biochemical profile of polycystic ovary syndrome: a randomized clinical trialShabnam Pourabolghasem, Nazli Navali, Parvin Bastani, Fatemeh Kazemivand
25Surveying the Relationship betweenManagement Style and Exploiting Information Technology in Organization (The Case Study of Electricity Distribution Company of West Azarbaijan)Donya Namdar,Masoud Ghahremani
26Factors affecting quality of Persian language teaching and learning in secondary schools in Iran.Diyar Refaei
27Effect of Nitrogen Fertilizer on Feed and Grain Yield of Barley CultivarAlireza Alazmani
28EntrepreneurialManagementrole for small and middle business entrance to international market (case study: small and middle firms of Rasht industrial city)Dr. Mehrdad Godarzvand Chegini, Dr. Mohamad Taleghani, Roghaieh Zibachehreh
29Investigate the nature of the provisions and implementation of the rights of pledgeNegin Narouei Nosrati, Masoud Akhavan Fard
30Filled chocolate supplemented with Lactobacillus paracaseiHomayouni Rad A, Mehrban Roudbaneh M, Aref Hosseyni S.R
31Explanation and Comparison the quantity and quality of adaptability among selected Governmental, Privateand Non-Profitable corporations .Mohammad Ali Abdolazimi, Dr.Mostafa Jafari
32Foucauldian Power and Identity in John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of WrathAbdolreza Goudarzi, Dr. Zohreh Ramin
33Investigation of Seed Germination and Seedling Characteristics of Safflower Variety Under Salt Stress ConditionsHossein Sadeghi Give, Morteza Firoozi, Negin Ahmadzadeh
34Examine the relationship betweenpersonality characteristicsand academic achievement in math subject of high school students in ZahedanJavad Jamalzadeh, Somaye Delarami, Alireza Doost, Fatemeh Esfahani
35Offering a New Approach to Optimal Scheduling of Tasks in the Cloud Using Chromosome PortioningAli Heydarzadegan, Yaser Nemati, Mohammad Iman Jamnezhad, Mohsen Moradi
36The Study Content And Its Relation To Depreciation And Return On Equity Prices In The Industry With Emphasis On The Tehran Stock ExchangeDr. Mohammad Hassan Haddadi
37The relationship between the components of organizational health and trust among physical education teachers of girls’ schools in Tabriz cityPh.D . S.Hamid Sajjadie Hezaveh, Ph.D. Farideh Ashraf Ghanjouiy, Roghayeh Zare
38Signifying the relationship between perceived motivational climate and anxiety in the elite athletes in the individual sportsSanaz Habibvand, Mahdi Naderinasab, Mohialdin Bahari
39The Effect of Six Weeks of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) on Plasmatic Levels of Cellular Adhesion Molecules (ICAM-1) and Lipid Profile in Young Overweight WomenHossein Abednatanzi (Phd), ZeynabChoopani (Msc)
40Goal orientation in elite volleyball player’s motivation and motivational climateMozhgan Piri, Mahdi Najafian Razavi, Rohollah Talebi, Hadi Toobak, hossein kavoosi
41Gender contribution in anxiety in speaking EFL among Iranian learnersEbrahim fariadian(M.A.),Akbar Azizifar,Habib Gowhary
42The Implications of Scholarship as a Theory for Interdisciplinary Studies in Higher EducationHossainpour Soheila, Zarghami hamrah Saeid, Ahghar Ghodsi, Naderi Ezatolah
43Earning management examination through real activities manipulation accepted companies in Tehran stock exchange:Samira moradi, Daryoosh javid, hosein soleimani