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1A Survey on Causes and Obstacles to Providing of Drinking Water in the Between Cities Restaurants in Kermanshah Province (2011-2012)Amir Karami, Mohammad Darvish Motevalli, Kiomars Sharafi, Alireza Ajraei, Hooshmand Sharafi, Sara Shahabadi
2Metabolic syndrome in schizophrenic patients: prevalence and findings in Bandar AbbasFatemeh Khalili, Farah Moayedi
3The Survey potential geo-tourism attractions Chabaharup to Gouater using the Model Strategic SwotMahdi Ghanbari, Mahmoud Reza Anvari, Taghi Tavousi
4Evaluation of Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) clones tolerant to salt stressIraj kianizadeh, Mahmood Tohidi, Ahmad Ali Shoushi- Dezfuli
5Passing Alexander through GedrosiaSaman Mosafa, Mohsen Abolqasemi
6Improving postharvest vase-life and quality of cut rose flowers using natural preservativesZohre Razm Avar, Mohammad Farjadi Shakib, Elham Danaei
7The Role of Management Accounting in the OrganizationMehrdad Ghanbari, Saeed Vaseli
8Comparison of Food Insecurity and Nutritional status in Planned with Unplanned Pregnancy in Falavarjan, Isfahan, Iran 2014Razieh Rasty , Hamed Pouraram, Ahmadreza Dorosty Motlagh, Ramin Heshmat
9Effects of type of pollen grains on qualitative and quantitative traits of pistachio in Yazd Province (Khatam Region)Sara Salimi, Mohammad Farjadi Shakib, Vahid Abdossi
10Food insecurity in postmenopausal womenAtieh Razzazi, Ahmad Reza Dorosty Motlagh, Mohammad Reza Eshraghian, Khadijeh Mirzaei
11Vehicles Behavior Analysis for Abnormality detection by Multi-View MonitoringPeyman Babaei
12High resolution transmission electron microscopy of irregular NiFe/Cu multilayersS. Esmaili
13Comparative Study of the Criminal Procedure for Crimes Committed by Juvenile in Iran and United KingdomLeila Soleimany, Mahmood Bavi
14The impact of profit prediction quality on the risk and value of the companies listed in Tehran Stock ExchangeMehrdad Ghanbary, Saeed Vaseli
15Equilibrium and kinetic studies of Pb (II) biosorption from aqueous solution using shrimp peelRauf foroutan, Hossein esmaeili, Malihe kosari fard
16Studying the Effects of group Games on the Growth of Social Adaptation in preschool ChildrenSousan Golkarhaghighi, Nima Shahidi, Hossein Aflakifard
17Indicative Architectural Elements and Organization of Plan in Ancient Iran SchoolsAmir Kaki, Asghar Mohammad Moradi, Gholam Hossein Memarian
18Measuring the level of intellectual capital and studying its effect on firm value by using the Q-Tobin model for companies accepted in Stock Exchange in TehranHamideh Nejati,Reza Pirayesh
19Studying the effect of corporate governance on awareness of accounting profit for companies accepted in Tehran Stock ExchangeMahsa Mostafavi and Mahdi Yaghoubi
20Emergence of Dual Nationality Phenomenon: Consequences and Challenges with Emphasis on Iranian LawNarges Zeinivandmoghadam, Abdolmajid Yosefy
21The effect of salt stress on growth parameters of ChrysanthemumAbdollah Seifi, Vahid Abdossi, Elham Danaei
22Growth and Quality of Chrysanthemum in Response to Different Concentrations of KCl and SilamolAtefeh Sadat Hoseini, Vahid Abdossi, Elham Danaei
23Investigating and evaluating liquefaction of pipes buried in seabedVahid Tayaripoor Ahmadi, Adel Asakereh
24A Research on Different Ecological Soil Condition on Level of Catalase Enzyme of Corn PlantMina Karimi, Ramin Ezati
25Sustainable high-rise building (Case study: three example of sustainable high-rise building in Iran)Seyed Yaser Mousavi
26The Relationship between cash Flow Volatility and Capital Structure in Tehran Stock ExchangeSeyed Ali Mosavi, Mohamadreza Karimipoua, Mostafa Zarei, Mehdi Heidari
27The relationship between cash Flow Volatility and Change the capital structure of companiesin Tehran Stock ExchangeSeyed Ali Mosavi, Mohamadreza Karimipoua
28Analysis of the View of Avicenna and Suhrawardi about Secondary conceptsMasoumeh Mohammadian, Mandana Mansouri
29The Effects Of Poultry Manure On Phosphorous Solubility Of Rocks PhosphateSaeed Samavat
30A Fuzzy expert system for diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis and Brain Tumor diseasesAli Amooji, Neda Esmaeilpour Mianji
31Ultilization of Geothermal Energy for Industrial Use in the WorldJina tanzadeh, Zahra zamiraei, Ali haghighat
32The incidence and associated factors to mortality in Critical Care patients of Imam Reza hospital in kermanshah, Iran in 2014Hiva azami, Alireza khatony, Alireza Abdi
33Study the effect of family economic security on social harmsAmir Kondori
34Contrast of chāshteh and kardag in Zoroastrian theologyZahra Tabrizi Shahrovi
35The Role of Hamid Karzai Government in Promoting The Political Culture of the Women of AfghanistanMahboobeh Dahmardeh, Dr. Parvizreza mirlotfi