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1Food insecurity and some associated risk factors among Iranian elderly womenTavakoli S(MSPH), Dorosty-Motlagh AR(Ph.D), Hoshyarrad A(M.Sc), Eshraghian MR(Ph.D)
2Modeling and Statistical Analysis of Malachite Green Dye Removal from Aqueous Solutions by Activated Carbon Powder Prepared from Pine Bark (Modified by Sulfuric Acid) - Application of Response Surface MethodologyAli Almasi, Meghdad Pirsaheb, Sohrab Allafpour haghighi, Kiomars sharafi, Masoud Moradi, Yahya Jabari
3Explaining practitioners views on the relationship between religion/spirituality and healthParvaneh Taymoori
4Investigating the relationship between parenting styles and educational self-concept with female students’ educational achievementZahra Mohajer, Mohammad Ali Mirzabeygi, Aliakbar Khosravi
5Schema Therapy and its effect on the Fear of success among University StudentsLeila Barati, Saeed Teymuri, Alireza Rajaee
6Assessment of physico-chemical characteristics and treatment method of Paper Industry Effluents : a reviewAzimvand J, Mirshokraie SA
7An investigation into the relationship between financial employee and human capital empowerment in the Ministry of Industries Mines and TradeMahmud Mahmudzadeh, Mohammad Ali Hajizadeh
8Valuation of organic dairy products, proteins and factors affecting willingness to pay study fittings in the city of ShirazAbedin Emadi , Abozar Rosta
9The study of antileishmanial effect of Medicago lupulina leaves alcoholic extract on Leishmania major (MRHO/IR/75/ER) by MTT assayElham Gharirvand Eskandari, Monir Doudi, Saeid Abedi
10The Effect of Leadership Based on Transformation and Market Orientation on Organizational Commitment of Employees (Case Study: Tose Va Taavon Bank)Babak Sadeghzadeh, Mir Taher Pour Partovi
11Review and explain the factors affecting revenue and providing agricultural water sector Rahlhay Kerman Regional Water Company proposal to fix the problemSjjad Hamedi
12The Relationship between Economic Value Added and Cash index of the Companies Listed Tehran Stock ExchangeZohre Habibi Samarian,M. Yaghobi,M.R KarimiPoya
13Determining the Relationship between Changeability of Cash Balance and Abnormal Return As Well As Commercial Credit of Active Companies in the Field Of Food Industries Adopted In Tehran Stock ExchangeZhila Mohammadvand, Masoud Ghahremani
14Review the Relationship between Organizational Culture and Job Satisfaction among Staff of Kermanshah Medical Sciences University in 2014Alireza Farokhi,Sajjad Bahrami,Fardin Esfandnia,Maria Parvaresh,Shaaban Moradi,Afshin Esfandnia
15Investigating Justice in Human Force of Nurses in Kermanshah Province using Gini Coefficient Index 2006-2011Marya Parvaresh, Ruhallah Bayat, Alireza Farokhi, Morad Noori, Afshin Esfandnia*
16The effect of diameter and distance of the additional holes on the fatigue life of a single hole specimen containing hole edge cracksH. Bazvandi, E. Poursaeidi