Paper List >> Volume 10،No. 3

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1Observing the role of packaging handicrafts from the aspect of mobile outdoor advertising on branding and cultural exportsAzam Mahmoodi, Soosan Khataee
2Preparation of biodegradable fire resistant packaging by using Nano-SiO2 treated wood for Iranian handy craft and cultureFaeghe Alsadat Mortazavi Moghadam, Zahra Ebadi
3Packaging Principles for Hand Weaved Cloth: A Case Study on Packaging of Sidaar’s Zari (Brocade) Weaved ClothFarzaneh Khosrobeigi,Elham Atighi Lorestani
4The study of the role of package in advertising and marketing of HandicraftsFereshteh Dianat,Marzieh Allahdadi,Elmira Hashemi
5Acquired Human Immunodeficiency Syndrome and its Contributing Factors. A REVIEW ARTICLEAbbas Paknahad, Mohammad Reza Ataollahi, Mohammad Pouraskar, Mehrafrouz Daneshian, Mohammad Reza Paknahad
6Investigating the Relationship between Social Capital and Mental Health in Urban AreasAbbas Paknahad, Maryam Sharafi, Farnosh Fonon, Sosan Neamatolahi, Mohammad Reza Paknahad
7Epidemiological study of Bacterial meningitis in Hospitalized children in Qom province of Iran between 2013-2015Mohammad Reza shokrollahi, Zahra Movahedi
8Management -Marketing Environment in Pharmaceutical Industry in transition countriesProf. dr Veselin Dickov
9The study of the formation of consumer attitudes and intentions towards internal and external characteristics of fast food restaurantsMaryam Rahimi, Abas Ali Haji Karimi
10Women In Leadership: Its Governance And Corporate Social ResponsibilityWilfredo J. Nicolas, Dr Donna R. Lariosa, prof Nancy O. Terencio
11The Effect of 32 week Resistance Exercise on Serum C - Reactive Protein and Leptin Levels in Middle-Aged WomenAhmad Arbabi, Hamideh Moamen Kahkha
12A computer aided study of geodesics in the Schwarzschild Anti-de Sitter space-timeM Ebrahimi, D Latifi
13Examining the Effect of Human Resource Quality on Organizational Activities with an Emphasis on Organizational Structure and Structural Equations Approach (The Case of Iran Language Institute of West Azerbaijan)Jamshid Nasodi Alamdari, Dr. Mehran Molavi
14Examining the Relationship between Official Support As Well As Telecommunication and Improvement of Decision-Making among the Employers and Managers of Organization (Case Study: West Azerbaijan Maskan Bank)Masome Jangi, Dr. Mehran Molavi
15On The Correlation between Official Automation Information Systems and Improvement of Decision-Making among the Employers and Managers of Organization (Case Study: West Azerbaijan Maskan Bank)Masome Jangi, Dr. Mehran Molavi
16Examining the Effect of Interlocked Director Board on Disclosure Level and the Quality of Earnings among the Firms Listed In Tehran Stock ExchangesZeinab Javanshirinejad, Mehdi Aghabeigi
17The Correlation between New Information Technology System and Total Quality Management (Case Study: West Azerbaijan Province Public Banks)Sahar Mojarab, Masoud Ghahremani
18The Relationship between Organizational Culture and Job Satisfaction and Pleasure in Job Context (Case Study: West Azerbaijan Province Ministry of Education)Shadi Shakouri Alghiani, Masoud Ghahremani
19Determining population doubling time and the appropriate number of HepG2 cells for culturing in 6-well plateMarjan Norouzzadeh, Yas Kalikias, Zinat Mohamadpur, Loghman Sharifi, Maryam Mahmoudi
20Post Ped-model analysis and study of Correspondent University Staffs PerformanceHeshmat Allah Eskandari Asl, Mohammad Hossein Mosharaf Javadi, Hooshang Taheri Mir Ghaed
21The Impact of Law Adherence on Integrating the Public Management Systems (Case Study: Executive Administrations of West Azerbaijan Province)Shirzad Basharat, Masoud Ghahremani*