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1Geomorphologic Evidences of the Influence of Glacier Sediments in Lake Formation Case Study: the Formation of Gahar Lake, in IranAli mohamad Yarahmadi, Ebrahim Moghimi, Mohamad Reza Servati, Parviz Kardavani
2Effects of seed priming on germination and emergence traits of two soybean cultivars under salinity stressGoudarz Ahmadvand, Fatemeh Soleimani,Bijan Saadatian, Mehrdad Pouya
3Investigation of different osmopriming techniques on seed and seedling properties of rice (Oryza sativa) genotypesMohammad Ali Esmaeili and Ayoub Heidarzade
4Effect of biological nitrogen on the harvest index of flower and essential oil of Calendula officinalis L. under End Season Water Deficit ConditionFahime Shokrani, Alireza Pirzad, Mohammad Reza Zardoshti, Reza Darvishzadeh
5Evaluation of morphological traits, yield and yield components of Datura (Daturea stramonium. L) as affected by different planting time in Ardabil region S. TaherSola, A. Saadat Ghalejogh, M. AghighiShahverdi Kandi, SM. Bagheriyan
6Simple and multiple relations between motivational strategies and academic achievementMaryam Mohammadi, Afsar Rouhi and Mehran Davaribina
7Study of drought tolerance indices on spring wheat in Mazandaran (North of IRAN)M. S. Khavarinejad, Babajanov, A.V
8Effect of Density and Root-shoot interference on wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) and wild oat (Avena fatua L.) performanceAdel Dabbagh Mohammadi Nassab, Farshad sorkhi lalelo
9Effect of Organic Manure and Foliar Potassium Application on Yield Performance of Wheat Cultivars (Triticum aestivum L.)Mohamad Javad Raisi, Enayatollah Tohidi-Nejad
10Mass production of Trichoderma spp and applicationPanahian, Gh., Rahnama, K., Jafari, M.
11Comparison of Fitting Quality and Changes Trend of Moisture Curve Parameters of Mualem-Van Genuchten Model at Different compaction Treatments of Sandy Loam and Clay Loam SoilsHassan Abbaspour, Mehdi Shorafa, Mehdi Rashtbari
12Evaluation of physiological indices of salinity tolerance in forage Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) linesTabatabaei, S. A., G. H. Ranjbar and A. Anagholi
13Allelopathic Effect of Lemon Balm on Germination and Growth of Pea, Safflower and WheatA. Pasandi Pour and H. Farahbakhsh
14Effect of salinity originated from Urmia lake water on some morpho-physiological traits in Zea mays L.Mohammad Bagher Alezadeh, Alireza Pirzad, Khadije Babaei and Taregh Ghanifathi
15Monitoring of soilroughness caused by rainfall using stereo-photogrammetryMohammadReza Mirzaei , Stephane Ruy, Touba Ziarati , Alireza Salehi
16A Comparison on Soil characteristics of the farms Infested to False Wireworms and True Wireworms in the East farms of Golestan ProvinceNeshat Golikhajeh, Jamasb Nozari and Mahmood ghollarata
17Study of concentration changes of proline and potassium for two varieties of pinto beans under cadmium stress M. Saadati, b. Motesharezadeh and m. Moez ardalan
18The effect of sowing date and sowing method on quantity characteristics and essential oil content on Moldavian balm (Dracocephalum moldavica L.)Roghiyeh Aghaee Okhchlar, Reza Amirnia, Mehdi Tajbakhsh, Madi Ghiyasi, Mohammad Bagher Alizadeh
19A New Satellite Image Segmentation Enhancement Technique for Weak Image Boundaries Based on Active Contours and Level Set MethodAfshin Asefpour Vakilian , Keyvan Asefpour Vakilian
20Essential oil content and composition of Lippa citriodora as affected by drying method in full flowering stagesMaryam agah, Sharareh najafian
21Pesticide Application Poisoning Incident among Iranian Rice Growers and Factors Influence ItMarzban A. , Sheikdavoodi M. J. , Almassi M.,Bahrami H. ,Abdeshahi A., Shishebor P.
22Investigation of mineralogical properties of soils developed on pyroclastic deposits; A case study from Karaj region, IranAlireza Raheb, Ahmad Heidari and Athar faghih
23Effect of Different Levels of Nitrogen and Potassium on Grain Yield and Protein of TriticaleS. A. Tababtabaei & G. H. Ranjbar
24Improved quality of life with cardiac rehabilitation in post-myocardial infarction patientsVida Sadeghzadeh RN
25Modeling Suspended Sediments in Dez BasinMohammad Heidarnejad, Ali Gholami
26The Analysis of driving and inhibiting factors affecting the admission of changing cultivation pattern of potatoes to sugar beet )case study: Friedan county(Hanna Hemati,Hadi Fathi
27New Method for Automatic and Precise Edge Extraction from Slimi ImagesAfshin Asefpour Vakilian, Maryam Rahnemoonfar
28Relationship between speed, agility and anaerobic power of 14-16 years elite soccer playersMeysam Chaleh Chaleh, Rouholah Fatemi, Alireza Shahsavar
29The Assessment of Plant Species Importance Value (SIV) in Beech (Fagus orientalis) Forests of Iran Seyed Maziar Razavi, Assadollah Mattaji, Rahmatollah Rahmani, Farrivar Naghavi
30Effect of the cultural-social factors in selecting of the mobile hand phone in cities of Ardabil provinceAli Azad Jablu, Behruz Skandarpur, Nasrin Dadashi and Gadir Mahtab