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1Effect of seed aging on safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.) seed vigor and germination parametersS. Jahanbakhsh Godakahriz, Z. Rastegarand M. Aghighi Shahverdikandi
2Effect evaluation of rice (Oryza sativa) general herbicide on yield and yield component in intermission flooded conditionsJamshidAbbassi Sh, BijanYaaghoubi, Mohammad Ali Baghestani, Farzad Majidi
3Evaluation of resistance to drought in tritipyrum lines using drought tolerance indicesMaryam Allahdou
4Investigation of genetic variation of lentil lines using random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) and intron-exon splice junctions (ISJ) analysisSalehe Ganjali, Barat Ali Siahsar, Maryam Allahdou
5The study genetic variation and factor analysis for agronomic traits of Durum wheat genotypes using cluster analysis and path analysis under drought stress condition in western of Iran Abas Soleymanifard, Rahim Naseri, Meysam Moradi
6Variability of grain yield and some important agronomic traits in mungbean (Vigna radiate L.) cultivars as affected by drought stress Leila Mahmoodian, Rahim Naseri, Amir Mirzaei
7Belief in Self Talk and Motor Performance in Basketball ShootingAmir Dana, Mohammad VaezMousavi ,Pouneh Mokhtari
8Effect of accelerated aging and priming on seed germination of rapeseed (Brassica napus L.) cultivarsMehdi Abdolahi, Babak Andelibi, Esmaeil Zangani, Farid Shekari and Shahzad Jamaati-e-Somarin
9The Impact of Belief in Jurisprudence Management and Resurrection (Resurrection) on Future prospecting of Heads of Payame Noor Universities (PNU) in IranAli Nejatbakhsh Esfahani, Valiollah Khoshtinat, Dariush Mohammadi and Asghar Poresma’eili
10Effect of spirituality on decreasing crimes and social damagesNasrin Tavakoli
11Administrative OrganizationsAli Nejatbakhsh Esfahani and Ahmad Ali Khaef Elahi
12Important Factors in Sport Tourism Development in West Azerbaijan with the Emphasis on Natural-Sport AttractionsRobab Mokhtari and Omid Fattollahi Parvaneh
13Evaluation of some qualitative and quantitative traits, strength and quality of safflower seeds obtained from water and dry growing conditions and different plant densities in greenhouse conditionsRoqiyeh Shakeri-Amoughin, Ahmad Tobeh and Shahzad Jamaati-e-Somarin
14Investigating the effects of Technology and Education on labor productivity in the agricultural sector in Iran (A Nonlinear Approach)Safdari Mehdi , Motiee Reza
15Effect of nitrogen fertilizers on nitrate leaching from a saline soil profile under corn and barley cultivation Sina Solhi, Mahmoud Solhi, Abdollah sief, Alireza Aghakhani,.Sayed. Farhad. Mousavi, and Jahangir. Abedi-Koupaii
16Metal extraction of some native plant species in a contaminated sites of IranSina Solhi, Mahmoud Solhi, Abdollah Sief, Mohammad Ali Hajabassi, Hosain Shariatmadari
17Effect Of Potasium Stress On Seed Germination And Growth Of Popcorn (K.Sc.6o4 P.C)Babak Peykarestan
18Analysis of Effective Communicative and Information Factors on Attracting Public Participation in Conservation of Natural Resources in Zanjan Province, IranSeyyed Reza Es`haghi, Rohollah Rezaei, Yousef Hedjazi, Hesamedin Gholami, Seyyed Alireza Ghadimi
19The Effect of Self-talk and Mental Imagery on Self-efficacy in Throwing Darts in AdolescentsSeyed Abbas Afsanepurak, Abbas Bahram, Amir Dana, Jamal Abdi
20The Effect of Self-talk and Mental Imagery on Motor Performance in AdolescentsSeyed Abbas Afsanepurak,Abbas Bahram
21The Relationship between Coach Leadership Styles and Competitiveness, Win Orientation and Goal Orientation in Iranian Elite Judo PlayersSeyed Abbas Afsanepurak, Rasool Norouzi Seyed Hossini, Masoumeh Kalateh Seyfari
22Investigating the Effective Organizational Factors in Increasing Manpower Efficiency in Naban Qeshm Industrial Group CompanyHossein Dana, Jamshid Jafaridarabjerdi, Hossein Zeynalipor
23Influence of potassium and micronutrients application on yield and micronutrients absorption of forage maize under drought stress situationAsieh Majlesy , Farzad Jalili, Ebrahim Valizadeghan, Esmaiel Gholynejad
24Performance evaluation of a light tractor during plowing at different levels of depth and soil moisture contentKarimi Inchebron, S.R. Mousavi Seyedi, R. Tabatabaekoloor
25The Effects of logical positivism in geography and urban planning Sample: Cities of Iran (1921-2011)Mostafa khazaee, Mohammad Taghie Razavian
26A First Record of the Bittrling Rhodeus amarus (Bloch, 1782) (Cypriniformes, Cyprinidae) in the Iranian Part of Tigris-Euphrates BasinSoheil Eagderi , Manoochehr Nasri
27Hairy roots induction from Portulaca oleracea using Agrobacterium rhizogenes to Noradrenaline,s productionKiana pirian, Khosro piri, Taiebeh ghiyasvand
28Effect of urban wastewater on forage maize in south of Tehran Majid Harati, Alireza Kelidari, Mehdi Tamadon RASTEGAR
29The role of urban management in City Spatial Development Case Study Nahavand CityMostafa khazaee, Mohammad Taghie Razavian
30The comparison of dynamic volumes of pulmonary function between different levels of maximal oxygen uptakeRouholah Fatemi, Saeid Shakerian, Mohsen Ghanbarzade, Abdolhamid Habibi, Hadi Fathi Moghaddam