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1Estimating lead and copper transport parameters from unsaturated clay soil columnShahram Shahmohammadi-kalalagh, Amirhossein Nazemi, Hossein Babazadeh, Mohammad Manshouri
2The effect of differential nitrogen fertilization on morphological and physiological traits of Aloe vera plantsSaeid Hazrati , Zeinolabedin Tahmasebi Sarvestani , Amin Salehi
3Assessing rural tourism and role in the development of rural handicrafts in KurdistanNegin Dowlati,Hanna Hemati
4Agile Project ManagementAli Rezaeean, Parisa Falaki
5Assessment and identify the Amount and causes of sports injuries: a case study in Footsall playersSajad Gholami, Abdolrahman Mehdipour, Tahere Azmsha
6Comparisons of Compost Maturity Indicators for two Field Scale Composting SystemsFelix Kutsanedzie, George N.K. Rockson, Elias D. Aklaku, Sylvester Achio
7Effect of nettle (Urtica dioica) medicinal plant on growth performance, immune responses, and serum biochemical parameters of broiler chickensAlireza Safamehr, Mostafa Mirahmadi, and Ali Nobakht
8The role of education in peopleHadi fathi,reza movahedi,Negin Dowlati
9Germination and seedling growth in un-primed and primed seeds of Fenel as affected by reduced water potential induced by NaClH. Farahbakhsh
10Heat Conduction of a Hollow Cylinder via Generalized Hankel Transform A. M. Shafei, S. Rafee Nekoo
11Growth and macro and micronutrients concentration in spinach (Spinacia oleracea L.) as influenced by salinity and nitrogen ratesJamal Sheikhi and Abdolmajid Ronaghi
12A Comparative Study of Identity, Emotional Intelligence, and Self-Esteemin Students of Performing Arts and Students of Other Fields of ArtFatemeh Abdi, Fariborz Bagheri
13Analysis of Motivation for Participation in Sport for AllSeyed Abbas Afsanepurak, Rasool Norouzi Seyed Hossini, Masoumeh Kalateh Seyfari, Hasan Fathi
14Experimental Investigation of Impact of Adding Lime on Atterberg Limits in Golestan Province SoilsMehdi Gharib, Hamidreza Saba, Arash Barazesh
15The Relationship between Conflict Management Styles and Effectiveness in Physical Educational Offices of Mazandaran ProvinceShaghayegh Kiani Mehr, Abdullah Moslehi, Zeynab Mojahedi, Nasim Gholami
16Experimental study of hydraulic-sediment properties on deltaic sedimentation in reservoirsJ. Mamizadeh, S. A. Ayyoubzadeh, M.A. Banihashemi
17A Comparative Study of Psychological Hardiness and Coping Strategies in Female Athlete and Non-Athlete StudentsAtena Mehrparvar, Amir Moghaddam, Mahvash Raghibi, Mehrdad Mazaheri, Fatemeh Behzadi
18Relationship among Morpho-physiological Traits in Bread Wheat against Drought Stress at Presence of a Leonardite Derived Humic Fertilizer under Greenhouse ConditionYashar Peymaninia, Mostafa Valizadeh, Reza Shahryari, Mostafa Ahmadizadeh, Mehdi Habibpour
19Study the factors influencing rural womenNegin Dowlati,Hana Hemati
20Study on Yield and Quality of 16 Tomato Cultivars in South of IranAbdolhossein Aboutalebi, Hamed Hasanzadeh Khankahdani, Ebrahim Zakeri
21Quality of life and its dimensions among the type2 diabetes patients referred to the diabetes center of Zanjan University of medical science (Vali-e-Asr Hospital)-2010Moraveji M, Soleiman Nezhad N, Bazarghan M, Nouri A
22Effect of soil water on plant height and root depth and some agronomic traits in common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) under biological phosphorous fertilizer and irrigation managementAli Abdzad Gohari
23Comparison of the Effect of Teaching Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation by means of Traditional and on Knowledge & Practice of Nursing Students of Zanjan Branch, Islamic Azad UniversityVida Sadeghzadeh RN
24Participation in sports activities in leisure time and quality of life of active and inactive disabled war veterans and disabled peopleAlimohammad Safania, Robab Mokhtari
25Investigating the Effect of Change of Managing Director on Earning Management of Firms listed in Tehran Stock ExchangeMansour Garkaz, Mahmoud Hematfar, Mostafa Shadkami
26The philosophy of scientific proofs in criminal matters, and studying Islamic criminal law approach about themValiollah Khoshtinat, Mohammad Ghaffari and Ghadir Basirpour Beiragh
27Examining the Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Brokerage Firms’ Performance in Tehran Stock ExchangeMansour Garkaz, Morteza Mehrvarzi
28Effectiveness of Types of Individual Defense Performance in Achieving SuccessHossini Fatemeh, Rezae Shirazi Reza, Masuodi Nezhad Monire, Rezaei Rozita
29Effect of explant type and growth regulators on in vitro micropropagation of Kabirnataj Sara, Ghasemi Yousef, Nematzadeh Ghorbanali, Asgharzadeh Roghayeh, Shahin Kaleybar Behzad, Yazdani Mohammad
30Stagnation and decline factors affecting performance of experts and members ofSeyed Reza Es`haghi,Porya Nasrabady