Paper List >> Volume 3،No. 5

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1A survey study on durability of high-performance concreteAli Falakian, SeyedYaserMousavi
2Fair scheduling in the network with a mesh topologyMajid Shakeri, Mohsen Khazaei
3Bitter and Sweet Ferula assa-foetida L. Essential oil Composition from Iran and its Comparison with Ferula assa-foetida L. used in IndiaZohreh kameli, Ardalan Alizadeh and Abdolhossein Aboutalebi
4Effects of Fulvic and Humic acid on Anthocyanin, soluble Sugar,-Amylase Enzyme and some micronurient elements in LiliumParandian F., Samavat S.
5Comparative study of male brood stock populations of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) in IranM.A. Nematollahi , N. Mazloumi
6On Linear Regression and Correlation Coefficient for Breast Cancer in Al-Sader Medical City in 2005-2009 Hadeel Salim AL-Kutubi
7Investigation of relationships among the environmental factors and water erosion changes using EPM model and GISMaryam Barmak, Ebrahim Pazira, Najaf Hedayat
8Study the Effects of Development of Electronic Banking on Customer Satisfaction Levels by Using Kano Model (Case study: Refah Bank of Kermanshah, Iran)Bahman Saeidipour, Toraj Vatandost and Peyman Akbari
9Effect of biological phosphorus and Irrigation disruption on biomass, seed yield and protein content of canola (Brassica napus L.)Shafie Modarres Motlagh, Alireza Pirzad and Babak Delkhosh
10Response of safflower Seed quality characteristics to different soil fertility systems and irrigation disruptionOmid Mohsennia, Jalal Jalilian
11Spore density and root colonization by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in some species in the northwest of IranOlfat Khakpour and Jalil Khara
12Legal aspects of nationality transferring to modified genetic childrenRazieh Hassankhani and Maede Ghane
13Genetic Operation issues in human simulationRazieh Hassankhani and Maede Ghane
14Accuracy Assessment of Geostatistical Methods for Zoning of heavy metals in soils of urban-industrial areasE. Mahmoudabadi, F. Sarmadian, GH. Savaghebi, Z. Alijani
15Physiological and morphological responses of two almond cultivars to drought stress and cycocelTayebe Samandari Gikloo and Behnam Elhami
16An Evaluation of the Process of National Lands Transference in Guilan Province between 1991 and 2001Mohammad-aliDadashi, Mohammad-aliSharifi, Alireza Mahmoodi, Ali Fatemi, Ismail Akbarpour, Davood Zare, Parisa Mohammad pour
17Reviewing the Theoretical Contradiction of Going Concern (Auditing Standard No. 57) with Views of Independent AuditorsAli Rouhi, Amir Reza Keighobadi, Fatemeh Hatami Touski
18Review and Analyze the Constraints on the Industrial InvestmentMohammad Hadi Asgari and Mohammad-ali Dadashi
19Effect of formalin treatment on saltwater tolerance in Caspian roach (Rutilus rutilus caspicus)Melika Ghelichpour , Soheil Eagderi
20The role of pedogenic processes and soil characteristics on nickel distribution in some Oxiaquic PaleudalfsMohammad Javad Mohebbi Sadegh, Ahmad Heidari and Fereydoon Sarmadian
21Attitudes of Payme Noor University Students toward Distance EducationAdel Zahed-Babelan
22Effects of alfalfa sowing rate and planting methods on weeds population dynamic in establishment yearA.A. Yazdani, P. Abravan & A.A. Fazeli
23Simulating Impact of Impatient Users on Database Server PerformanceMohammad Shabanali Fami, Elham Shabanali Fami, Mohammad Ali Montazeri and Mohammad Taghi Isaai
24Effect of different levels of canola oil with vitamin E on performance and carcass traits of broilers Ali Nobakht, Amir Ariyana, Farshid Mazlum
25A Comparison of Online Marketing and Interaction with Fans through Official Website of Football Clubs in Iran, Asia and EuropeMeysam Rahimizadeh, Seyed Nasrollah Sajadi, Mahmud Goodarzi, Hasan Ghamati
26Volume equation and volume table of pinus pinaster AitM. Yousefpour, F.Fadaie Khoshkebijary, A. Fallah, F. Naghavi
27Investigating the Relationship between the Probability of Bankruptcy and Firms' Intentional Income Smoothing in Tehran Stock ExchangeAbulfazl Chelchele, Ebrahim Abbasi, Said Ali Hashemi Bosra
28Studying the importance of social capital in Payame Noor University through customer satisfaction approach (professor-employee-student)Ali Nejatbakhsh Esfahani and Saeid Nourian
29Effect of seed inoculation with bio-fertilizer on germination and early growth of cornShirin Mokari Firuzsalari, Bahram Mirshekari, Sahar Baser Khochebagh
30Studying the Relationship between the Refined Economical Value Added and Earning Per Share and Price /Earning Ratio in Tehran Stock ExchangeMansour Garkaz, Mahmoud Hematfar, Daryoush Javid, Hassan Farajpoori