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1Evaluation of effects of the war of Iraq against Iran on independence and solidarity of Iranian nationalismMorteza Ebrahimi
2Investigate the characteristics of media and distance learning educational, based on the attributes of educational philosophy of PostmodernismJabraeil Farzaneh
3Relationship between spiritual intelligence and religious (Spiritual) coping among students of Payame Noor University (PNU) Valiollah Khoshtinat
4Evaluation of acidity and fatty acid compositions in Iranian and imported olive oils Sara Movahed, Bijan Khorshidpour, Hossein Ahmadi Chenarbon
5Arasbaran ecotourism potential assessment whit emphasis on the scientific and additional valuesNeda Mohseni, Shahram Roostaei
6Effects of Dietary Supplementation with Perlite and Zeolite on Performance, Litter Quality and Carcass Characteristics of Broilers from 7-42 Days of AgeAhmad Tatar, Fathollah Boldaji, Behrouz Dastar, Saeed Hassani and Servet Yalçin
7Effect of gamma rays on nuclear DNA content in different rose genotypesZahra Aghcheh Kahrizi, Maryam Jafarkhani Kermani, Mohammad Amiri
8Exergames and motor skills learning: a brief summaryPio Alfredo Di Tore, Gaetano Raiola
9Proposed Wind Robot Arm Design in Order to Move Sensitive Devices for Industrial ApplicationsS.M. Mousavi G., Narges Akbari
10The Effect of Intrinsic Motivation and Sport Commitment on the Performance of Iranian National Water Polo TeamMehr Ali Hemati Nezhad - Kazem Danesh Sani
11Completely Random Design and Least Significant Differences for Breast Cancer in Al-Najaf City (2005-2009)Hadeel Salim Alkutubi, Ebtesam Najim Al-Bistenchy and Hasan Ali Al-Azzam
12Nursing students’ perspectives on professional values in the universities of medical sciences in IranParvan Kobra, Zamanzadeh Vahid and Hosseini Fahimeh Alsadat
13Comparison in Quantity Characters (Flowering and fruit set) of ten selected tomato (solanum lycopersicum L.) Genotypes under subtropical climate conditions (Ahvaz)Seyed Morteza Zahedi and Naser Alemzadeh Ansari
14Antonymy in Persian Language: a Cognitive ApproachNeda Gharagozloo
15Determination of Physical Properties of two Walnut Genotypes Hossein H.A. Alizade, Iman Golpur and Roya Hassankhani
16Identification and Ranking Deterrent Factors of People with Physical and Dynamic Disabilities from Participating in SportsAbolfath Geshtasebi, Abdolrahman Mehdipour, Mehdi Zarghami, Mohsen Ghanbarzadeh
17Effect of Sulfur Application Rates on Some Quality Traits and Yield of Iranian Onion VarietiesMohsen Khodadadi
18Study of Factors Influencing Customer's use of Electronic Banking Services by Using Pikkarainens Model (Case study: Eghtesad Novin Bank of Kermanshah, Iran)Peyman Akbari, Reza Rostami and Akbar Veismoradi
19The Investigate Managers' Leadership Styles in Physical Education Offices Universities of Iran from Sport Volunteers' PerspectiveMehr Ali Hemati Nezhad , Kazem Danesh Sani and Reza Andam
20Allelopathic effects of redroot pigweed (Amaranthus retroflexus L.) root exudates on common bean seedling growthTara Namdari, Rouhollah Amini, Sanaz Sanayei, Siamak Alavi-Kia and Adel Dabbagh Mohammadi-Nasab
21Evaluating the Relationship of Job Satisfaction to Organizational Commitment of Medical Emergencies Employees of Kerman's Medical Sciences UniversityMahdi SharifiMoghadam, Mohsen Aminizadeh, Amin Saberinia, Emadodin Sayadi, Safa Alikhani, Iman Naghavi
22Evaluating Career Quality among Staff in Center of Medical Emergencies, Kerman Medical Faculty in 2011Emadodin Sayadi, Mohsen Aminizadeh, Amin Saberinia, Mahdi SharifiMoghadam, Hojat Shaykh Bardsiri, Iman Naghavi, Safa Alikhani
23Money laundering in the Criminal Policy of IslamAdel Sarikhani Nur Allah Soltani and Seyyed Mohammad Musavi
24Tourism from the perspective of the Persian Gulf GeocultureMehrdad Bordbar, Sajad Karimi Pashaki, Akram Akbaryan, Roghaye Zamani
25Making efficient the forest conservation system (From the viewpoint of Guilan natural resources employers)Mohammad Hadi Asgari
26Study of Relationship between Social Capital and Entrepreneurship with Communication Skills of Elementary School Principals of sowmeh saraMohammad Ali Dadashi, Mohammad Ali Sharifi, Kobra Ezzat Doost
27Evaluation of some of competitiveness indexes in competition between cotton varieties and common cocklebur (Xanthium strumarium L.)Asghar Rezakhanlou , Mahdi Aghabeigi and Hossein Bagheri
28Modeling ARIMA of air temperature of the southern Caspian Sea coastsElias Khajavi, Jalal Behzadi, M. Taher Nezami, Alireza Ghodrati and Mohammad Ali Dadashi
29Evaluation the affecting factors on the leadership style of managers in the Agricultural jihad in Guilan provinceMohammad Ali Dadashi, Mohammad Ali Sharifi, Kobra Ezzat Doost
30Review Morphology coastal dunes and management of GuilanAlireza Ghodrati, M. Taher Nezami, Elias Khajavi, Jalal Behzadi