Paper List >> Volume 3،No. 10

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1Some results in Boolean algebraMansour Hashemi and Sholeh Yagobi
2Effects of mother’s education on nutrition condition in children between 0-2 years in ZanjanGassemi I,Moraveji M
3Human-induced impacts of land use management on soil properties(case study: high-altitude area of Sahand mountain rangelandsEast Azerbaijan-Iran),Morteza Mofidi,Ahmad Alijanpour,Esmaeil Sheidai Karkaj,Mehdi Rashtbari,Javad Motamedi
4Seed treatments to overcome dormancy of Nuruozak (Salvia leriifolia Bent.) Alireza Estaji, Bahman Hosseini, Esmail Dehghan, Alireza Pirzad
5Effects of plant density and variety on some of morphological traits, yield and yield components of baby corn (Zea mays L.)Mojtaba nik khah kheibari, Saied Khavari Khorasani and ghadir Taheri
6The Comparison of Family Functioning,Marital Adjustment and IntimacyIn Middle aged and Young SpousesSeyyedeh Fatemeh Moosavi
7Prenatal development of Iranian goat fetusesSeyed Mahdi Banan Khojasteh
8seed dormancy and emergence pattern of grand cherry (physicist divaricated l.) weed in lorestan, Irannazari alam j, amiri h, ‎alizade hm, rahimian mashhadi h, gohlami m ‎
9Technical Efficiency of Sorghum Production in Hong Local Government Area of Adamawa State, Nigeria.Abba Mohammed Wakili
10Sociological Survive of Effective Factors on Hooliganism in Football FansMina Mostahfezian, Leila Sarrami
11Effects of salinity different levels on germination indices in four varieties of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)Khodadad Mostafavi, Ali Reza Heidarian
12The effects of Acetyl CoA as a chemical preservative on postharvest life of gerbera cut flowersShima Seyedi, Ali Reza Ladan Moghadam, Vahid Abdossi
13Study of factors affecting operational electronic banking risks in Iran (Case Study: Melli bank of Kermanshah)Peyman Akbari, Rezvan Rezavandi, Omid Baharestan, Toraj Vatandost
14A Comparison of the Volition among Relation-Oriented Managers and Task-Oriented Managers with Regard to GenderElham Abolfazli, Mehran Farajollahi, ,Mahdi Moeinikia
15Influence of deficit irrigation during growth stages on water use efficiency (wue) and production of wheat cultivarsunder field conditions Mohammad Galavi, Hossein Akbari Moghaddam
16Sorption Characteristics of Heavy Metals onto Natural Zeolite of Clinoptilolite TypeR. Ghasemi-Fasaei, M. Gafari-Haghighi, S.M. Mousavi and M. Dehghan
17Effect of varying concentrations and time of Nano-iron foliar application on the yield and essential oil of Pot marigoldLeila Amuamuha, Alireza Pirzad, Hashem Hadi
18Relationship between visual perception and reading disability in primary students (first, second, third, grade) of Ahwaz cityAli Reza Baluoti, Mohammad Reza Bayat, Mahnaz Alimoradi
19the comparative study of canoeing progressive approaches in iran from athletes, coaches and experts point of viewHajar cheraghian, Leila Ataei dolatabad, Abdullah moslemi, Fatemeh Soury
20Evaluation the antifungal effect of fennel essence on post harvest life of golden delicious apple and comparison its effect with carbendazim and thiabendazole fungicideAbdolhossein Aboutalebi and Abas sami
21New approach for numerical solution of Fredholm integral equations system of the second kind by using an expansion methodNarges Mahmoodi Darani, Behrang Mohammadi khalkhalian, Fatemeh kouchaki Nezhad, Majid Yousefikhoshbakht
22Reviewing relationship between personality types and learning styles on psychology students in BS degree at Islamic Azad University in Tehran Central branch Narges Shahri, Mohammad Jafar Javadi, Mohammad Esmael
23The Impact of Service Quality on Customer Loyalty: A Study of Bank Mali in Seakale City, Guilin, IranMaryam Talebi ,MA Dadashi, K Ezzatdoust, K Farajy
24Comparison of transformational and interactive leadership styles with organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) of Mazandaran province municipalities’ employeesMohammad Hadi Asgari ; Alireza Khaliliyan ; Babak Baba
25The relationship between Lean management with organizational performance of Azad University branches in Northern provincesMasoud Amoopour ,Mohammad Hadi Asgari ,Robabeh Azari
26Investigating the role of organizational commitment arising from the emotional relationship of the employees in creating loyalty(Case study: Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran)Samira Rezadoust and Mohammad Afraz
27Study on population distribution pattern and Human strength in Navrood watershedMohammad Ali Dadashi and Kobra Ezzat Doost
28Survey of the Natural Resources Transfer goals in Guilin ProvinceMohammad ali Dadashi and Cobra Ezzat Doost
29The Impact of Adherence to Islamic Beliefs via Public Health on University Students’ Tendency to Drug ConsumptionValiollah Khoshtinat
30Strategic Control of Gas Distribution Centers’ performance in Tehran metropolitan cityAli Nejat,Bakhsh Esfahani