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1Using correlation and some genetics methods to study of morphological traits in corn (Zea mays L.) yield and yield components under drought stress conditionKhodadad Mostafavi, Mahdi Ghaemi, Saeid Khavari Khorasani
2A Critical Review of the Concept of Velayat in Qur’an with a Detailed Examination of InterpretationsMohammad Sadegh amshidirad and Fatemeh Hosseini Alaee
3A new approach for efficient energy management for data centersSomaiehKalhor
4A survey study on hydro geotechnical properties of minesAli YosefiSamangany,Reza Naderi,Hasan Jami Alahmadi,Mohammad HoseinTalebpur
5The study of self esteem among volunteer and non volunteer in sportReza Andam,Asieh Ghorbanian Rajabi,Nooshin Benar,Seied Shahoo Hosseini
6The Impact of Social Capital on Agricultural Employees' Job Satisfaction,City of DivandarrehMoslem Savari,Mohammad Eslami,Fayzollah Monavarifard
7Implementation of a 1×2 Optical Power Splitter based on 2-D Square-Lattice PCRR for the 3rd Optical Communication BandAlireza Tavousi,Mojtaba Moradi,and Mohammad Ali Mansouri-Birjandi
8A comparative study on ranking the banks using Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) and Stochastic Frontier Analysis (SFA) approachArdeshir Bazrkar and Kamal Khalilpour
9Comparison of different medium for production of Sweet pepper transplantZabiholah Rahimi,Abdolhossein Aboutalebi and Abdolrasoul zakerin
10Examination the possibility of bearing regulation of Siahoo mandarin (Citrus reticulata Blanco) by using chemical thinning componentsHamed Hassanzadeh Khankahdani,Hamid Reza Bahrami and Abdolhossein Aboutalebi
11Study on the effects of time,geographical side and color of wrapping materials on graft union percentage and scion growth of three commercial citrus cultivars on Mexican lime rootstockJalil Rafiei,Abdolhossein Aboutalebi and Behnam behrooznam
12Evaluate the possibility of alternate bearing regulation of Siahoo mandarin (Citrus reticulata Blanco) by using pruning and girdlingHamed Hassanzadeh Khankahdani,Abdolhossein Aboutalebi and MohammadAli Ahmari-Rad
13Effect of various culture media on tomato transplant productionZabiholah Rahimi,Abdolhossein Aboutalebi and Hamed Hasanzadeh
14Prevalence of low back pain among elite athletesRahimeh. Mehdizadeh,Mojtaba. Rajabi,Somayeh Abbasi
15SWOT Analysis in Iran Khodro Automobile Industry for Improving ProductionsM. R. Shojaee,F. Memari,A. Dastorani
16Comparison of the essential oil components in wild and cultivate population of Salvia virgataSepideh Naser moadeli,Vahid Rowshan and Abdolhosein Abotalebi
17Assessment and Comparison of the Effects of Lecture and Pamphlet Health Education Methods in the Fields of AIDS on Knowledge and Attitude of University StudentsSeyede Zahra Ghaemi,Parisa Rostambeigi,Azam Roshandel
18Effect of Humor Training on Social Function in Nursing Student of Islamic Azad University of EstahbanSafavi Mahbobeh,Parisa Rostambeygi,Maasoumeh Barkhordary,Azam Roshandel
19Yield and yield component canola cultivars (Brassica napus L) under influence by planting densities in IranRoya Mahmoudieh Champiri and Hossein Bagheri
20Effects of Recognition Task and Production Task on Incidental Vocabulary Learning of Iranian EFL LearnersHossein Vosoughi,Zahra Mehdipour
21The Intellectual Interpretation Method in Al-Mizan as well as Al-tahrir and Al-tanvirAlireza Delafkar,Mahmood Khosravi
22A Critical Look at Textbook Evaluation: A Case Study of Evaluating an ESP Course-Book: English for International TourismSaeid Najafi Sarem,Hadi Hamidi,Rezvan Mahmoudie
23The effects of different amounts of Mentha pulegium L. on immune system performance of broiler chickensSaman Mahdavi,Yousef Mehmannavaz,Ali Nobakht,Afshin Zakeri
24Presentation a model in order to choose cement suppliers in shoae betone shargh companyMohammad rahim Ramzanian,Mahmoud moradi,Fatemeh shoaeshargh
25The Effect of Conventional,Web-based,and Hybrid Teaching of Pre-Writing Strategies on Iranian EFL Learners’ Writing PerformanceSajad Shafiee,Mansour Koosha,Akbar Afghari
26Polyploidy and comparison of diploid and autotetraploid seedling of Madagascar periwinkle (Catharanthus roseus cv. alba)HamidReza Hosseini,Mehrangiz Chehrazi,Mohammad Mahmoodi Sorestani,DaryooshNabati Ahmadi
27Application of a neuro-fuzzy system for optimization of structural designAli Falakian,Seyed Yaser Mousavi
28Relation between supply chain efficiency And supply chain financeAli Rostami,Ali Asghar Anvary Rostami,Sajjad jalali,AhmadReaza Nazemi
29Abuse to Elders Living with Family in Iran-TabrizShirin Barzanjeh Atri,Mozhgan Behshid,Simin Seydi,Mohammad Hasan Sahebi Hagh,Hossein Namdar
30The probability,practicability and utilization of knowledge management in monitoring and regulatory organizationsAli Nejatbakhsh-e-Esfahani,Seyed Ali Ghoreishian,Nazila Shadmehr
31Economic Position in the Naser Khosrow’s ItineraryAbd Al Ahadyadgar And Mahdi Kargar
32Principles of disinfecting domestic wastewater for irrigationSaeid Norouzshenas,Ali Akbar Azimi,Rezagholi Ejlali
33The Psychological and Diplomatic Role of Mass MediaAmir Hooshang Afsharpur
34The study of mental dimension of intentional murder in the Islamic republic of Iran lawAli shahbazi
35An Investigation and Analysis of Religious Experience Argument Put Forward by Friedrich SchleiermacherValiollah Khoshtinat,Akram Askarzadeh Mazraee,Mohammad Ghaffari
36Considering the relationship of performance of educational teachers with moral and social development of high school students in academic year 2011-2012Masoud.Amoopour,Akram loloei mehr & Soleyman.Kabini Moghaddam
37Relationship between participatory management and teacher’s organizational commitmentMohammad Hadi Asgari,Somayyeh Hooshdar Mahjoob
38Title: Investigation of related factors to satisfying electronic learners in virtual training of Iranian universitiesSeyed Yahya Seyed Danesh,Shahram Hashemnia,Sanaz Sirousbakht,Ensie Kia
39Food insecurity and some associated socioeconomic factors among upper gastrointestinal cancer patientsMilad Daneshi-Maskooni,Ahmad Reza Dorosty-Motlagh,Seyyed Mostafa Hosseini,Kazem Zendehdel,Arvin Kashani,Mahjoubeh Safarpour,Hamed Jafari,Fatemeh Toorang
40Using Current Issues of Interest in Teaching GrammarMajid Asgari