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1Toxicity of new insecticides against pomegranate aphid, Aphis punicaeMohammad Rouhani, Mohammad Amin Samih, Hamzeh Izadi and Elham Mohammadi
2Application of neural network and SVM to classify movement of rat in medical scienceFarahnaz Sadoughi, Taha Samad Soltani, Mostafa Shanbe Zadeh
3Investigating Full Moon’s effect on Stocks yield (return), Transactions volume andStocks Pendulousness,and their relationship in Companies Accepted into Iran’s Stock ExchangeSeyedMortezaHosseini, Reza MansourianNezam Abad, Seyedeh Maryam Monfared
4A method for Inter-Area Power Systems StabilityMasoud Ahmadipour
5Numerical Simulation and Optimization of an Off-Road Vehicle Floorboard for Mine Blast Damage ReductionK.Farhadi and A.Paykani
6Evaluation of some biochemical serum factors of Anjak (Schizocypris altidorsalis) in the Sistan regionZohre Ganjali
7The impact/s of Using Mobile Phone on English Language Vocabulary RetentionMoghtada Abbasi, Masoud Hashemi
8Evaluation the relationship between ICT- adoption and business process reengineering in small and medium sized enterprises of Kermanshah provinceMaryam jalali, FakhreddinMaroofi, BabakJamshidyNavid, Rastegar Mohammady
9Effects of thiamethoxam in sublethal concentrations, on life expectancy (ex) and some other biological characteristics of Hippodamia variegata (Goeze) (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae)Shima Rahmani, Ali R. Bandani, Qodratollah Sabahi
10Comparing the concentration of heavy metals (Cd, Cu, Ni and Zn) in the sediment and different tissues of Avicenna marina in Iranian coasts of the Oman seaSahel Pakzadtoochaei
11Synoptic Causes of Heavy Rain falls on Larestan RegionGhasem Ali Moghtaderi
12A survey study on different methods of controlling temperature of shell and tube heat exchangersD.D.Ganji , Ali Zahmatkesh ,A. Barouz, H. Zahedi, M. J. Sajadifar
13survey of shape factor effects in fall velocity of individual particles in to sedimentary flowsroozbeh riazi, mahmood shafai bejestan
14Influence of relational capabilities on Business performance Case of: Kermanshah industrial city SMEsMehran Zohdi,Reza Shafeai,Reza Hashemi
15Relationship between Principal’s Philosophical Mentality and the Innovation and Creativity of Teachers of High Schools in BisetoonKamran Jamshidi, Adel Zahed-Babelan & Sadraddin Sattari
16Evaluation Planting Date on Agronomical Traits of Canola (Brassica napus L.)Yasamin Miri and Hossein Bagheri
17Study of teachers' satisfaction with the quality of the education service center regions 1 and 2 Ardabil city deals based on SERVQUALKianoosh Pourghahreman, Adel Zahed-Babelan, Moosa Piri
18polyphenolic compounds of Mentha longifolia and Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis L.) in IranSharareh Najafian , Vahid Rowshan
19The Evolution of Television Broadcasting Rights during the Summer Olympic GamesMahdi Shariati Feizabadi, Marzie Bakhtiari, Hamed Rashidzade, Fereshte Nik Khakian
20Payment of proceedings costs in Iran law With comparative study in some legal systemsMohammad Moloudi, Razieh Hassankhani
21Evaluation of relation between quality of governance and financial variables of active companies in Tehran stock exchange marketZahra Mousavi, Zahra Moeinfar, Nasroolah Amouzesh
22Topic-oriented Research on Illuminative Paintings of Quran and Islamic Architectural Decorations of Complex of Sheikh Safi-al-din-e- Ardebil KhanghahZahra Danesh Arani , Vahid Vaziri
23The Role of the Teacher in Alleviating Anxiety in Language ClassesMasoud Hashemi , Moghtada Abbasi
24Accession or non-accession to the International Criminal CourtZahra ahangari nane keran
25Application of the Minimax Control Chartfor multivariate manufacturing processMohammad Hasan Balali, Narjes Nouri, Erfan Pakdamanian
26Gender, English Language Proficiency, and Corpus-Based Teaching of Metaphorical Expressions in the EFL Context of IranAli Akbar Jafarpour Boroujeni, Mahmood Hashemian, Ala Saeidfar
27Critical Analysis On The Bases of Orientalists in the Belief of Quranic Adoption from the Old and New TestamentsAbdul Hadi Feghhi zadeh, Nasser Shamsbakhsh
28Effect of self-assessment on Iranian EFL learners’ reading skill and vocabulary KnowledgeFattaneh Pourverdi Vangah
29Presentation a model in order to choose cement suppliers in shoae betone shargh companyMohammad rahim Ramzanian, Mahmood moradi, Fatemeh shoaeshargh
30Setting priorities and ranking methodology agricultural research" projects"sefatollah Rahmani , Seyamak Mashayekhi
31The Effects of Performance Evaluation Market Ratios on the Stock Return: Evidence from the Tehran Stock ExchangeMilad Emamgholipour, Abbasali Pouraghajan, Naser Ail Yadollahzadeh Tabari, Milad Haghparast, Ali Akbar Alizadeh Shirsavar
32Design LQR and PID Controller for Optimal Load Sharing of an Electrical MicrogridM. Lotfollahzade, S.J. Seyed-Shenava, A. Akbarimajd, J. Javidan
33In the Name of God Cultural Relativity and Its CriticismSayyed Mostafa Managheb, Ahmad Reza Basij
34Psychological disorders among women with Primary Infertility and fertile womenAmani-Vamarzani, S., Dusti, Y.A., Hassanzadeh, R.
35An overview of genetically modified food products: Benefits, risks, health safety and related regulationsSeyedeh-Maryam Hasheminya, Jalal Dehghannya*
36Malebranche's Comments About the Universe and Its Adjustment with NahjolbalagheShapour Nourazar
37Multiple and simple regression models relationship of some seed vigour tests and field seed emergence of cropsMohammadreza Naderidarbaghshahi, Mehdi Karimi
38Combination value investing and momentum investing to stock selection using data envelopment analysisMohsen Alvandi, Safar Fazli, Ahmad HashemiSiavoshani
39Negligence and Indulgence From Viewpoint Of Mowlana And Abousaeid AbolkhairMohammad Ali Khaledian, Taher Bahlekeh
40Exploring Gender Effects on Language Learning StrategiesFatemeh Zarei