Paper List >> Volume 4،No. 11

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1The Impact of Teaching Knowledge Assessment Tools on the Writing Skill of Iranian EFL TeachersHamid Reza Shahidy
2Human Evolution on the Horizon of the Islamic ShariaReza Ali Karami, Ph.D
3Phytochemical screening and antibacterial activity of leaf Extract of Ziziphus mauritiana LamShahla Najafi
4Performance Comparison of AODV and AOMDV Routing Protocols in Mobile Ad Hoc NetworksMina Vajed Khiavi,Shahram Jamali
5The Origin Of Happiness And Exhilaration In Islamic MysticismZeinab Rezapour, Sayyed Ali Asghar Mirbagheri Fard, Tahereh Khoshhal Dastjerdi
6Morphological Simulation of Bank Erosion in a Natural RiverMohammad Fathi, Afshin Honarbakhsh
7Hydrological Flood Routing in RiversV. Fasahat, A. Honarbakhsh, H. Samadi, S.J. Sadatinejad
8Optimum Temperature and Thermal Stability of Crude Polyphenol Oxidase In GreenSmall Cherry Tomatoe (Solanum Lycopersycum)Shahriar saeidian, Bahaaldin Rashidzadeh
9A Descriptive Study of Teacher/Leaner Interactions at the MA Level of the Fields of Teaching English as a Foreign Language, General Linguistics, and Translation StudiesAzam Yousefi, Mansour Koosha
10Studying narrative structure of one thousand and one night tales based on Labov’s diamond- shaped modelAdeleh Rezadoost , Bahram Khooshnoodi Charvadeh
11Fatigue and demographic factors influencing on it in dialyzed patientsMina Nahamin, Hadi Hasankhani, Fariba Ghaderi, Sima Lakdizaji
12Analysis of yield and yield components in Durum wheatSonia Behmanesh,Reza Taghizadeh,Mohammad Zaefizadeh
13Measuring Iranian provinces efficiency in meaty Poultry production by use of Data Envelopment AnalysisAsghar Abol Hasani, Mirnaser Mirbagheri hir and Safar Farhang
14The Relationship between Personal competence of Emotional Intelligence and Staff performances Roohallah Samiee, Meisam Dolati, Mahboobeh Samiee Paghaleh
15Investigating the profitability of momentum investment strategy in Tehran Stock exchange (TSE)Atiye Gazmeh, Mansour Garkaz, Hosein Didehkhani
16Assess the degree development of Ardabil province by using numerical taxonomic analysicMirnaser Mirbagheri Hir, Delavar Masoumi
17The Role of Instructing Substitution as a Kind of Grammatical Cohesion on its True Identification and Creation of Modal, Reporting and Conditional ContextsMohammad Reza Hasannejad, Nader Assadi,Mehdi Mirzaei
18Investigation of Relationship between Employees Empowerment and Being a Learning Organization in Guilan Province Universities IranMohammad Hadi Asgari,Mohammad Taleghani,Masoumeh Fard
19Investigation ofCavitation in Stepped Spillway of Siah-Bishe Dam by Using Flow-3d ModelDaneshfaraz R, Zogi N
20Comparison of the Effects of Clinoptilolite and Sodium Zeolite A on Tibia Bone Mineralisation and Calcium and Phosphorus Utilisation in Broiler ChicksBahman Parizadian Kavan, Mahmoud Shams Shargh, Saeed Hassani and Yousef Mostafalo
21Effect of seed size on germination and seed vigor of two soybean (glycin max L.) cultivarsRoshanak Rezapour, Hamdollah Kazemi-arbat, Mehrdad Yarnia and Parisa Zafarani-Moattar
22The Role of the Mass media in Expanding the Human Rights DiscourseFardin Mostafeye, Peyman Hakimzade, Mohsen Mostafeye
23Key factors affecting customer loyalty in ISP (internet Service Provider) companies in Ardabil ProvinceNaser Mohammadoghli, Mohammad Hassanzadeh , Ebrahim Esmaeli
24Benefits and goals of designing ofzero energyschoolsLida Balilan Asl,Majid Dastouri,Fereshteh Fayyaz,Mina Gane,Elham Jafari
25Partial Purification And Characterization Of Poly phenolOxidase From Wild Pears (Pyrus communis)Shahryar saeidian, Afsane khosravi
26Analyzing the Effect of Management of Technology Transfer in Science and Technology Parks for Wealth Creation,Case Study: Science and Technology Park of Tehran UniversityArman Rahmani Zaker, Hamed Tajik, Fatemeh Bahramifaraz
27Removing Nickel and Zinc from aqueous environments using modified cocopeatFatemeh Einollahipeer,Sahel Pakzadtoochaei
28Evaluation of Education and cultural development in Lorestan provinceFarhad Zand,Akhtar Sepahvand,Sahar Sohrabi
29Effects of Nitroxinandplant densityongrain yieldand yield componentsofblack cumin (Nigella sativa)Mohammad Ali Akbarian, Mohammad Taghi Darzi, Mohammadreza Haj Seyed Hadi
30Study on the effects of probiotic, Pediococcusacidilactici in the diet on some biological indices of Oscar AstronautsocellatusOmid Safari, Masoomeh Mehraban Sang Atash
31Influence of Crop Growth Enhancer Bacteria on Yield and Essential Oil Content of Safflower (Carthamustinctorius L)Shahram Lack, Farshad Ghooshchi and Hamed Hadi
32Criticism the method of examples selection in persian grammar books in conjunction and preposition partsZohre Moshaveri, Mahmood Barati
33Biomonitoring of heavy metals in birdsinIran in relation to trophic levelsOkati Narjes
34Current Status of Researcheson Voltage Flicker Mitigation Techniques Based Application of Custom Power Devices in Distribution SystemsMohammad Mohammadi
35Voltage Dip Rating Reduction Based Optimal Location of DVR for Reliability Improvement of Electrical Distribution SystemMohammad Mohammadi
36New Perspective in Women and Nature: Dualism in Margaret Atwoods SurfacingZeinab Koukhaei,Shahram Afrougheh
37Factors and Grounds of Formation of Hillah Literary Movement and its Effects and ResultsSeyedAhmad Reza Khezri, Zahra Taheripour
38A Survey about the Impact of Agronomical and Morphological Attitude on the Efficiency of Durum Wheat by Iranian and Azerbaijan Republic originSonia Behmanesh, Reza Taghizadeh, Mohammad Zaefizadeh
39An Investigation of the Effect of Journal Writing on EFL Learners Oral ProductionSomayeh Bagheri , Behzad Pourgharib
40The Effect of Using Mobile on EFL StudentsSpeakingArezoo Salamat, Behzad Pourgharib
41The Effect of Using Email on Enhancing Iranian Intermediate EFL Learners Writing ProficiencyFaride Niazi, Behzad Pourgharib
42The Effect of Games on Learning VocabularyMaryam Rohani, Behzad Pourgharib
43The Spiritual Intelligence (SI) components from the perspective of Islam and WestGhodratolah Bagheri, Hamid Zarea, Mahdi Esmaili
44Investigation of the Effects of Prestige, Satisfaction and Communication on Brand Identification, word-of-mouth and Repurchase in Luxury Automobile IndustryKambiz Heidarzadeh Hanzaee and Erfan Alhosseini Hamedani
45Entanglement of one-dimensional in Ising model with added dimerized Dzyaloshinskii-Morriya interactionMohammad Reza Soltani, Negar Nikdel, Manochehr Firoozi
46Thermal quantum discord of one-dimensional in three-qubit spin chain with nearest-neighbor and next-nearest neighbor and Dzyaloshinskii-Morriya interactionNegar Nikdel, Mohammad RezaSoltani, Manochehr Firoozi
47The relationship of vitamin D status with serum ox-LDL in diabetes mellitus type 2Mehdi Bahreini, Milad Daneshi Maskooni, Mahmoud jalali, Elnaz Khorrami, Arvin Kashani, Mohammadreza Eshraghian, Mahnaz Zare
48The role of Hilla School in the extension of Islamic theologySeyed Ahmad Reza khezri ,Ali Reza Jalali, Zahra Tahripour
49Sedimentary Study of Qarranqu River Using Hec-RasJafar Chapokpour and Rasoul Daneshfaraz
50Optimal design of hybrid water-wind-solar system based on hydrogen storage and evaluation of reliability index of system using ant colony algorithmAli Menshsari, Mohammad Ghiamy, Mir Mohammad Mir Mousavi, Hamid Asadi Bagal