Paper List >> Volume 6،No. 9

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1Analyzing‎a model of knowledge management systems acceptation‎and dispersion‎sahar shirin bakhsh M.A,Fakhraddin Maroofi
2Knowledge management adjustment and its implications for business performanceBahareh Mirhoseini,Fakhraddin maroofi
3A model of external customer attitude, sales performance, retail job traits, and employee role ambiguityFakhraddin maroofi
4The Effect of Working Capital Management on Reducing the Stock Price Crash Risk(Case Study: Companies Listed in Tehran Stock Exchange)Majid Ameri, Mohsen Lotfi
5The impact of supply chain relationship quality onquality performanceMohamadreza Alizadeh Shonghari, Solaiman iranzadeh, Kamal khalilpour
6Comparison of Anxiety a,mong Foster and Non-foster Children Based on CATDaryoush Ghasemian, Mina Asgariparvar, Sedigheh Ebrahimi
7Application of Random PWM Technique for Reducing EMIAbdolreza Esmaeli and Zahra Kohshari
8Research and Development Random pulse width modulation Abdolreza Esmaeli and Mohsen Mobini
9Comparative assessment of labor and lease contractMohsen Molavi, Saeed Hakimiha,Hojjat Salimi Torkamani
10Introducing relationship between correlation of marketing stuff and human resources on marketing strategy manipulation affectivity in Yazd Province servicing organizationsHassan Najafi Ziarani, Gholamreza Bordbar Ph.D, Mahmood Naderi Ph.D
11Effect of Shot noise in the presence of ferromagnetic exchange potential on the surface of topological insulatorsRazieh Beiranvand, Razieh Beiranvand
12An investigation of the relationship between training system and entrepreneurship characteristics of Payam Nour University students (the case study, the bachelor students of Payam Nour University, Bostanabad)Sadegh Maleki PhD , Mohammadali Farniya PhD , Mastoore Jalili
13Investigation of the relationship between emotional intelligence and dimensions of power sources of high school principals of Neishabour city in academic year 2005-2006Hosein Abedi,Mohamadreza Ahanchian,Bijan Babaei and Abdollah Davodipour
14The role of EFGI on export of agricultural sectorShahriar Nessabian and Narjes Asadi
15Expression of acrA gene in ciprofloxacin and tetracycline resistant Esherichia coli mutants with possible mutation in acrRRazieh Pourahmad Jaktaji and Nasim Jazayeri
16XBRL; A New Language for Financial ReportingZeinab Rezaei
17In vitro antibacterial activity of Myrtuscommunis L. against Morganella morganiiMohammad Bokaeian,Yasub Shiri ,Mahmood Solouki,Saeide Saeidi,Fereshteh Javadian
18Antibacterial activity of Zatariamultiflora Boissextract Against E coli Causing Urinary Tract InfectionMohammad Bokaeian,YasubShiri,Mahmood Solouki, Saeide Saeidi,NegarAmini-Boroujeni, Hamde Khaje
19The Effect of Relationship Banking On Customer Loyalty in Kermanshah City Melli BankJalal Bashirafshar,Ali Falahati,Mehrdad Ghanbari
20In vitro antibacterial activity of seven extract plantagainst MorganellamorganiiMohammad Bokaeian, YasubShiri , MahmoodSolouki,Saeide Saeidi, Negar Amini-Boroujeni, Hamde Khaje