Paper List >> Volume 6،No. 10

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1Control and Standard in IslamReza Ali Karami
2Review of illness perception intervention in dialysis patientSeyyed rasooli A, rahimi Zh, parvan k
3Design of a Low-Power Switched-Capacitor Bandpass Filter in 0.18µm CMOS Technology with Quality Factor TunabilityMohammad Reza Salehi,Ebrahim Abiri,Sanaz Salem
4Designing a System for Choosing Managers in State Offices by Using Group Hierarchyand FuzzyAnalysis Method (Case Study the National Organization for Civil Registration of Tehran Province)Ahmad Valashjardi Majd Abad Kohneh, Safarali mohammadi, Majid Tayebi, Ebrahim mohammadi shad
5The necessity of establishing entrepreneurship center in Worn out Textures of Khajeh Atta Neighborhood in Bandar Abbas City,IranHamidreza Amery Siahoyi,Sana Zarei
6Security and religious interactions in urban spacesN. Alizadeh Moghadam,M.Kameli
7Judgments and Challenges in Traditional Justice and Judicial SystemMaryam Mohammadzadeh, Leila Hemmatzadeh, Ali Ramazani
8ACritical-Discourse and Semiotic Investigation into the Effect of Social Class on Multiplicative Linguistic Representations of the Symbols of Power in Persian ProverbsReza Mobashshernia, Lotfollah Yarmohammadi, Firooz Sadighi, Mostafa Zamanian, Mohammad Sadegh Bagheri
9The Islamic Trends in GlobalizationAbdolbaghi Rezaei talaroshti
10The contribution of Quran in the development of human beings societyAbdolbaghy Rezaei Talarposhti
11Importance of Language Input in Language LearningTaher Bahrani
12Direct Torque Control of Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Motor and Comparison of its Performance with Induction MotorReza Shabanian, Soodabeh Soleimani, Babak Mozafari
13The role ofheat stressinsheepSertolicellsand its effectonnitric oxide productionandlipid peroxidationscreeninginvitroForutan Salehi Nezhad, Abolghasem Lavvaf and Shoukoh Karimi
14Influence of Heat Stresson DNA Damageon SheepS Sertoli CellsForutanSalehi Nezhad, Abolghasem Lavvafand Shoukoh Karimi
15EFLESP teacher controversy regarding accounting students course achievementsMjaid Asgari
16Measurement of social capital in Hamadan province of IranSaeid Goudarzi
17Combination of Optimal Conductor Selection and Capacitor Placement in Radial Distribution Systemsfor Productivity Improvement Using Genetic AlgorithmMahdi Mozaffari Legha, Hassan Javaheri
18Survey of performance and loss level of Shiraz steam power station Boilers energyAmin Roudhelehpour, Nima ghiasi tabari, Reza bahoosh kazerooni
19The relationship betweenorganizational culture, organizational commitment of Physical Education Teachers Mazandaran provinceKamal houshyar, Zeynab Yousefi, Maryam Sadri , Samira Gholami
20Studying the Relationship among Depression, Anxiety, Stress and Personality Factors in Iranian High School StudentsSallar Valipour Dehnoo
21Investigation of income convergence amongIran’s provinces:A panel unit root approachShahram Fattahi, Khalil Attar
22The Art of Nezami’s Fiction Narrating in “Khosro and Shirin”Eshagh Toghyani, Gholamhossein Sharifi, Parvin Rezaee
23The Relationship Between Religious Attitude,Social Relationship with Happiness of College StudentsAkbar Jesarati,Amir Hemmati,Issa Mohammadi,Asgar Jesarati,Ramin Moshiri
24Culture Work the IslamYousef Mohammadi Soleimani, Ali Mohammadi Soleimani, Masoume Mohammadi
25Study the Relationship among Organizational Reputation with Organizational commitment and Employees’ Turnover IntentionMalikeh Beheshtifar, Mohammad Hossin Allahyary
26The effect of brand character and sales advancements on brand fairnessAlireza azimi,Fakhraddin maroofi
27The Evaluation Of The Relationship Between Price-To-Book Ratio And Accounting VariablesHamid Moridipour, Zahra Farrahipour
28Study Thebenefits of accountingconservatism To lendersMohamadreza Abdoli, Elahe Pahlevani fard, Mojtaba Moshdeei
29The Investigation of the Relationship between Emotional Intelligence, Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment of Personnel in Banks and Financial Institutions of Darrehshahr CityBahman Gholami, Simin Shams, Masoomeh Amoozadeh
30Studying the jurisprudence rights and couples rights to each otherVali Allah Khosh Tinat, Faraj Behzad, Maryam Shahi
31A study of the effects of planting date on some morphological qualities of grain corn 540, 647, and 704 in the environmental conditions of DarrehshahrAli Mogahdam, Hussein Sharifi Moghadam, masoomeh amoozadeh
32Measuring the Rate of Relative Deprivation Feeling and Perceived Relative Deprivation of Youth with Emphasis on Religiosity Aspects and Their Role (A case study: Darrehshahr Payam-e-Noor University, Iran)Simin Shams, Bahman Gholami
33Information Disclosure in the Iranian Capital MarketNasrollah Amouzesh, Zahra Moeinfar, Zahra Mousavi
34The Role of Social Factors on determining the Vandalism behaviors among High school Students in Andimeshk (By emphasizing social security) 1Dr. Ishaq Arjmand Siapoush, Dr. Abolghasem Heidar Abadi, Bahareh Arjmand Siapoush
35Approaches to strategic planning regarding the condition of the ceramic tile industry using SWOT analysisMohamad Hasan Gholizadeh, Mohamad Reza Azadeh del, Mahmood najari