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1Spatial distribution of Sarcophagidae (Insecta, Diptera) in Fars province, IranJavad Rafinejad, Kamran Akbarzadeh, Jamasp Nozari, Yavar Rassi, Mohammad Mehdi Sedaghat, Mostafa Hosseini, Yaser Salim Abadi
2Optimal Placement of PMUs Considering Sensitivity ConstraintsBehrouz Moarref, Hassan Barati
3The Relationship Between The Organizational Justice And Empowerment Of The Employees Of Hamadan Sport And Youth Government Offices in IranMarzieh Alvandi, Hamid Foroghi, Madjid Suleymani
4The effects of foliar application of methanol on growth and secondary metabolites in lavenderHamid Reza Bagheri, Ali Reza Ladan Moghadam, Hossein Afshari
5A Comparative Study of Ending of Guardianship (al-Welayah) According to Ibn A’rabi and Allāma Seyyed Heydar AmoliReza Firouzi, Yousef Moghadasi
6Effect of Cadmium Exposure on the Structure of the Cerebellar Vermis of Growing Male Albino RatMohamed H. Wahdan, Ayman K. Ismail, Mohamed F.Saad, Eiman M.Abdel Meguid, Ahmed H.Rashidy and Mujtaba F. Rana
7The relationship between job satisfaction and job burnout of employees of General Directorate of Sport and Youth of west Azarbaijan Solmaz Moshrefi, Hamid Janani, Hossein Talebian nia
8Relationship between waist circumference and micronutrients intake in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus in TehranMasoumeh Rafiee, Ronak Nikbazm, Gity Sotoudeh, Neda Nourshahi, Marjan Ghane Basiri, Fariba Koohdani
9The study of relationship between earnings management and the issuance of Bonds and rent Exchange in companies listed in capital Market of IranSeyyed Saeb Mousavi, Mohammad Reza Pourali
10Generation Mean Analysis: A Case study of variance components in KSC 500 generations of maize (Zea mays L.)Pariya Dorri, Saeed Khavari Khorasani, Mohsen Shahrokhi
11Impact of music-therapy on reducing anxiety, depression and stress in narcotics addictsYadollah Khorramabadi
12Sound optimization by applying technical-engineering actions in one of the production units of heater in TehranMohammadian Farough, Teimori Gholamheidar, Ansari Sajad, Bahmani Rahman, Fattahzadeh Masoud, Kangavari Mehdi
13Politeness strategies employed by Iranian teenagers while complaining their peers in their conversationsSayed Javad Tabaeifard
14Developing and Validating the Questionnaire on the Learners Attitudes toward the Role of mother tongue in Second Language LearningSayed Javad Tabaeifard
15Association Between Food Insecurity And Some Socio-Economic Factors And Functional Dyspepsia In Adult WomenRahele Tavakoly, Ahmad-Reza Dorosty Motlagh, Mohammad-Reza Eshraghian, Razieh Tavakoly, Mojgan Mirabdolhagh
16The Research on OLAP for Educational Data AnalysisShirin Mirabedini, Seyedeh Fatemeh Nourani
17An Examination of the status of competitor orientation and customer orientation of SMEs and Their Relationship with Customer’s Performance A Case Study:Industriesin Ilam ProvinceAli Reza Mahmoodean, Yasan Allah Poor Ashraf, Seyed Reza Hassani
18The influence of personality traits of customers on their loyalty A case study Of private banks of KermanshahAli Karbasi,Babak Jamshidi navid,Seied Reza Hashemi
19The Preferable Presentation Method of Models of the Cash Flow StatementYadollah Tariverdi, Maryam Rostami
20Influence Of Green Manure On Increase Cropping System SustainabilityMalihe Mahmoody, Mohammad Fahramand, Alireza Keykha, Mohsen Noori, Khashayar Rigi