Paper List >> Volume 8،No. 5

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1Estimation of field Biotic Index and Water Quality of streams in North west of Shiraz region,Iran using Aquatic Insect faunaH. Bashti, H. Ostovan
2Study of the relationship between human capital, productivity and market value in the manufacturing companies listed on the Stock Exchange of IranShaho Aghabeg Zadeh, Alireza Hirad, Keramat Ghalandarzehi Rigi
3Effect of different wheat cultivars on population fluctuation parameters of Sitophilus oryzae (L.)Kabir Eyidozehi, Sultan Ravan, Khashayar Rigi, Mehdi galavi sani
4Natural Arteries of Isfahan the Give Identity to this CityMina Bakhshi
5Study Of The Cytotoxicity Effect Of New Cu(II) And Ni(II) Complexes Of Flavon On Cancer (Cell Line L20b) And Antimicrobial ActivityOmar H. Al-Obaidi
6Comparison between Floor Trading and Electronic System on LiquidityAgha Amad Nabi, Suresh Ramakrishnan, Melati Ahmad Anuar , Aiyoub Ahmadi mousaabad
7Effect of intercropping on increase yieldSara Najafi, Abbas Keshtehgar
8Optimal robust controller designing of Back-to-Back VSC-HVDC links to damp low frequency oscillations using imperialist competitive algorithmBabak Ghorbani, Seyed Jalal Seyedshenava, Adel Akbari Majd
9Economic geology and geochemistry of Aziz Abad copper index (south Azna, lorestan, Iran)Amin Panahi, Shokrolah Tatary, Shokoh Noormohamadi, Ashkan eidi
10English Language Textbook Evaluation English for the Students of Humanities (I)Sayed Javad Tabaeifard
11Qualitative and quantitative analysis of industrial zomne waste products (case study merjaveh industrial zone- zahedan)Mahsa Homan, Edris Bazrafshan, Ferdos Kord-Mostafapour
12The Effect of Attentional-Focus Instruction on Peripheral Transfer from Dominant Hand to Non-Dominant Hand and Vice Versa in Basketball DribblingJamal. F Kalkhoran, Amir Shariati
13Surveying the Influence of E.B to CRM in Refah Bank (Case Study: Branch City of Tehran)Dr. Mohmmad Reza Kabaranzad GHadim, Zahra SHokati
14Effects of different tissue culture conditions in Hairy roots induction in Hypericumperforatum L Vahideh Bivadi, Rasool Asghari Zakaria, Nasser Zare, Beniamin Yazdani
15An investigation of Salicylic Acid and biological and chemical fertilizers on component and yield of maizeAli moghadam, Masoumeh Amouzadeh, Atefeh Amouzadeh
16Mites recorded from insectary cultures in the Shiraz region of IranShahpar Granpayeh, Hadi Ostovan
17Visualization of Death and Actualization of Identity in Emily Dickinsons PoetryNasim Zahedi Doost,Leila Baradaran Jamili
18The Effect of Human Resource Management Policies on Boosting Work Force Efficiency (Case Study of Iran Zamin Bank Branches in West and East Azarbaijan)Molvai M, Imani M, Jafarnejad F
19The Effect of Dedicated Facilities Efficiency Increase on the Amount of Delayed Requisition in West Azerbaijan Melli BankSoraya Modares, Abdollah Mahmoodi
20On the relationship between organizational structure and organizationalcitizenship behaviors among the staff of Educational Ministry of UrmiaLeila Rostami, Morteza Piri