Paper List >> Volume 8،No. 6

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1An investigation to the effects of risk and quality of services on e-banking customer satisfaction: Case study industrial citys manager that is Meli bank customer at Golestan provenienceParviz Saeedi, Hormoz Mehrani, Mehdi Ehsan Bakhsh
2Studying the relationship between organizational justice and job – convenience and the organizational citizen behavior in the employees of Copper National Com., IranMasoud Pourkiani, Najmeh Kamali
3Surveying the Effect of Qualitative Characteristics of Accounting Information on Improvement of Management DecisionsHabibollah Nakhaei, Karim Nakhaei, Aiyoub Ahmadimousaabad
4Review of hospital waste management in IranTeimori Gholamheidar, Fattahzadeh Masoud, Avakh Ali, Vahabi Masoomeh, Nourian Rouhollah, Karimi Mohamad Ali, Karimi Kian Abdolhamid
5Assessing the Educational Needs of Physical Activity during Pregnancy in the Mothers Referring to the Health Care Centers in ZanjanMasoomeh Shakeri
6The study and rating of influencing factors on Competitive Advantages of car companies - case study: saipa companyMisam Karami, Afshin Baghfalaki, Seyed Reza Hassani
7The relationship between pay policy dividends and earnings quality firmsMorteza Akbari, Daryosh Javid, Hosin Solimani
8Risks and Damages of Environmental Pollution can be insuredDavood Khoshnevisan, Ali Zare, Seyed Ali Jozi
9The Effect of Application Educational Modern Technologies (Computer and Internet) on the Teachers Professional Performance in High School of ZahedanEffat Firoozi, Hassan Shahraki Pour, Ali Ghasempour
10Investigating the impact of knowledge management On organizational innovation: conceptual frameworkKambiz Abdi, Aslan AmatSenin
11Evaluation of muscle activity on different surfacesPedram Pourmahmoudian, Hooman Minoonejad, Ali Ashraf Jamshidi, Esmaeil Mozafaripour
12The Investigation of the Most Frequent Concepts in the Iran Cinema on WarMahmood Ashrafi
13Application of Response Surface Modeling and Central Composition Design for Removal of Lead from Aqueous Solution Using Prosopis Stephanian FruitsMohammad Reza Rezaei Kahkha, Jamshid Piri, Massoud Kaykhaii
14Determination and extraction of zinc from aqueous solution using ion-imprinted polymerMohammad reza rezaei kahkha, Massaud kaykhaii
15Comparison Ability of Movement Imagery perspectives in Elite,Sub-Elite and non Elite AthletesSeyed Ehsan Nezam,Hamzeh IsaZadeh,Ali Hojjati,Zahra Bozorg Zadeh
16Data and Image Transmission on DS-PAM UWB System in Parallel Links AWGN Channel Using Multiple Description Coding (MDC)Ali Arshaghi, Mehdi Nooshyar, Mansour Selseleh Jonban, Ahmad Hatam
17An analysis of the role of tourism and agro ecotourism attractions in rural development. (Case study: Barzok in Kashan)Nafiseh ghotbinejad, Hamid barghi
18The Effect of Dedicated Facilities Efficiency Increase on the Amount of Delayed Requisition in West Azerbaijan Melli BankSoraya Modares, Abdollah Mahmoodi
19The Effective Elements on Foreign Direct Investment CurrentAbbasali Abounoori, Monizheh Hadinejad, Hossein Nasrollahi
20A Study on the Efficiency of Mellat Bank Superior Branches in the Area of Deposit Mobilization Using DEA in IranAli Asghar Lotfi, Masoumeh Khan-mohammadi, Soghra Baghban