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1Method Of Complex Chemical ReactionsVladan Mićić, Sabina Begić, Branko Pejović, Zoran Petrović
2New Types of Two and Three-Soliton Solutions of The Vector Non-linear SchrӦdinger Equation With Mixed Boundary ConditionsMohammad Asghari-Larimi, Khikmat Muminov
3Effect of organic fertilizer on length of pod, biological yield and number of seeds per pod in mung bean (Vigna radiata L.)Malihe Bandani, Hamid Reza Mobasser, Alireza Sirusmehr
4Comparison of family environment among divorced and non-divorced womenHayedeh Cheraghali Gol, Amir Masood Rostami, Saeid Dabagh
5Evaluation of sowing date effect on hybrid rice lines production in dry-bed of KhuzestanMahshid shaloie, Abdolali Gilani, Seyed Ataolah Siadat
6Optimization of stock portfolio based on ant Colony & grey theoryDr.Ali Najafi Moghadam, Dr.fraydoon Rahnama roodposhti, Mahvash Farrokhi
7Natural Arteries of Isfahan the Give Identity to this CityMina Bakhshi
8The Study of Relationship between Size, value and Liquidity Risk with Excess Return of stock in Tehran exchange marketNaghi Bahramfar, Zeinab mirabi
9The Obligations of the Purchaser and the Vendor in Islamic Subjective Jurisprudence and LawVahide Karimi, Dr Ali Muhammad Borna, Dr Zabih Motahari-Khah, Dr Hassan Reza Khalaji
10An Investigation of the Impact of Social Capital on Performance of Payame Noor Employees of Tehran Province (Case Study: Varamin Payame Noor University)Seyed Javad Marashi, Amir Hossein Amirkhani, Ozhan Karimi
11Strength of Damavand Volcanic Cone Quaternary Rocks against Destruction and Erosion based on Mineralogy Composition by Using TAS & KUNO DiagramsAmirhoushang Shirazi, Manuchehr Farajzadeh, Mohammad Reza Servati
12The survey of geomorpholical limitations of Jallal Abaad villageMahmoudreza Anvari, Hengameh Salehpour, Mohammad Akram Jamshidzehi
13The Survey of Geomorpholigical Process of Parkan VillageMahmoudreza Anvari, Mohammad Akram Jamshidzehi,Hengameh Salehpour
14Study of Effective Factors Encouraging Walnut Insurance in theTuyserkanGardenersKoorosh Barkhordar, Mehdi Charmchian Langerodi, Amir ahmadpour
15Effect of sowing dates and seeding density on yield of wheat (Triticumm aestivum L.)H Eslami, H Najafi Navae, A.R Alazmani and A.N Shojaei
16The effect of loading on thestability of rock slopesMohit Jannesar,Vahid Hosseini toudeshki
17Identify and Ranking key indicators of entrepreneurial in Qazvin Municipalities Using ANP-TOPSIS ApproachesAminreza Kamalian, Mehran Saeedi Aghdam, Masume Hafez Reza Zadeh, Ali Peyvand, Paeiz Rahmani, Fereshteh Nazari
18Study effects of office automation on human resource performance (Case study: Health organization of Abhar)Yadolah Khodaverdi, Babak Hajkarimi, Mohammad Reza Khodabandeh
19The Relationship between Identity Styles and Romantic Attachment with Identity Commitment among college students in Iran.M.A. General psychology, Mozhgan Arefi, Asghar Aghaei Joshoghani
20Introducing the Relationship of Marketing Strategy and Sustainable competitive Advantage on Performance (Case Study of Iran Central Iron ore Company)Abdolamir fanaei, Hassan Dehghan Dehnavi, Abolfazl Sadeghian
21Evaluation of the Factors Affecting Initial Public offering Underpricing by Newly-accepted Companies into Tehran Stock ExchangeMashaallah Randideh
22The relations between Job Satisfaction dimensions with Organizational Commitment of personnelAhmad Jafarnejad, Mohammad Bahrami Seifabad, Seyed Reza Hassani
23The study and rating of influencing factors on Competitive Advantages of car companies - case study: saipa companyMisam Karami, Afshin Baghfalaki, Seyed Reza Hassani
24The Effects of External Parallel Direct Current Magnetic Field on a Cold Atmospheric Pressure Argon Plasma JetReza Safari
25Comparison of collagen extracted from the skin and fin of long tail tuna Thunnus TonggolSamira Hashemi-Jokar, Alireza Salarzadeh
26Does Emotional Intelligence can predict Conflict Management in a Sport Organization?Hamid Foroughipour ph.D
27The Nature and Effects of the Civil Liability of State Due To Private ContractsSomayeh Siamansoor, Reza MoosaZadeh, Nader Mokhtari Afrakati, AmirHamzeh Salarzaei
28Intellectual Capital Measurement Models: Literature Review of Market Capitalization Methods (MCM)Majid Dadashinasab, Assoc. Prof. Dr Saudah Sofian, Ali Minaei Behzad, Abdolreza Dadashinasab
29Modeling the impact of data integration on the functional elements of human resource managementS. Del Angizan(Ph.D), B. Jamshidi Navid(Ph.D), G. Soratiyan (M.A. Student)
30Assessment of the effects of different noise levels on mental performance of individual doing mathematical calculationParvin Nasiri, Mohammadreza Monazzam, Farough Mohammadian, Seyed Abolfazl Zakerian, Kamal Azam
31Effects of resistant training and aqueous extract of Tribulus terrestris on blood lipid profile in male ratsRezvan Fotoohi, Mohamad Ali Azarbayjani, Bahman Tarverdi Zadeh
32External Transverse Direct Current Magnetic Field Effect On Optical Emission Of a Non-Thermal Atmospheric Pressure Argon Plasma JetReza Safari
33Identifying the effective factors in brand creation for food industrial companiesFatemeh Shahsavar
34The Effects of Cultural Hegemony in Media Education Based on Critical Theorists of EducationAkbar salehi
35An integrated fuzzy Data Envelopment Analysis and Data Mining for Performance assessment of Insurance branchesSomayeh Shafaghizadeh, Mahdi Yousefi Nejad Attari