Paper List >> Volume 8،No. 8

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1Identification of Obstacles to ERP Implementation in Iranian Manufacturing and Industrial Corporations Ahmad Jafarnejad , Mehdi Ajalli , S. Rahim Safavi M.
2Investigations of effect of institutional shareholders , ownership concentration, return of assets and discretionary accruals on restatement of financial statementsDr. Yadollah Tariverdi, Dr. Zahra Lashgari, Maryam Jalalpour
3Introducing and Evaluating the Effect of Interpretation of Bidel Dehlavi and defamiliarization in Application of Counting AdjectivesLeila Valian, Elyas Noorai, MOSA Parnian
4The investigation of usage of native architecture methods at hot and dry regions of Iran according to sustainable architectureMehdi Mehrabi
5The relationship between ownership structure,discretionary accruals and profit awarenessFatemeh Zarei and iman jokar
6Some properties of the sequences of product varietiesS. M. Taheri, R. Afsharinia , M. Roohi
7Effect of High Intensity Training on Changes Leukocytes Subsets in Men Football PlayerAhmadi Fatemeh, Mohsen Salesi, Maryam kushki
8Relation between organizational intelligence and performance of managers in petrochemical company of Shiraz cityMostafa Niknami, Abbas Abbas Poor, Hosein Zare Moayedi
9The examination of the relationship between the book value and the enterprise value in financially stressed firms (with serious financial problems)Hamze Hesari, NarjesKamali Kermani, Mohammad Hosein Basirzade
10Study the causal relationship between brand personality to Brand trust and brand affect in consumer sport Farshad Tojari, Reza Nik Bakhsh, Azin Soleymani
11Gradual observance of drinking wineDr. Zabih Motaharikhah, Mohahad Ali Zamani Sardarabadi
12Couples financial system in Shiite religious jurisprudenceZabih Motaharikhah, Ghasem babaeetabar
13The study of the formation of consumer attitudes and intentions towards internal and external characteristics of fast food restaurantsMaryam Rahimi, Abas Ali Haji Karimi
14The Relationship between the Curriculum and Content of Books & Using Educational Technology - A Meta-analysisMarzieh Ghobadi Pour
15Comparative evaluation of natureal and concept of Custom in public law between Fiqh and law of IranMansoor Sargazi Rad, Masoud Akhavan Fard
16Distribution Utilities In The Areas Of Khash City By Taxonomic ModelAbdolaziz Kurdi Tamandani, Mahmoud Reza Anvari, Esfandiar Bandrian
17Supercritical water oxidation for the recovery of dysprosium ion from aqueous solutionsJ.K. Sabet, Sh. Jafarinejad, A. Golzary
18The investigation of accounting conservatism effect on adjusted economic added value in accepted companies in Tehran stock exchangeSomayeh Hashemiyan, Afshin Ahmadi Louyeh
19Couples perception of family functioning, When cancer occurrence in one of them, Tabriz, 2012hirin Barzanjeh Atri, Leila Sheikhnejhad
20The survey of geomorpholical limitations of Rask cityMahmoudreza Anvari, Hengameh Salehpour, Zia Hashemzehi
21Relationship between inventory turnover with gross profit margin and sales shocksHamid Moridipour, Zahra Mousavi
22Study of Nature and Effects of Iran’s Union to International Criminal CourtMohsen Sargazi
23E-democracy adoption factors by e-government citizensMohammad Taghi Taghavifard, Rozbeh Fadaei, Saman Ebrahimi
24Effect of rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) essence on quality and langevidy of boroccliVahid Abdossi, Alireza Ladanmoghadam, Hossein Tajik khademi, Mehdi Jalilirad
25Introducing the affect of using programing system of organizational Resources on Working Process of Isfahan Iron FactoryHadis Changizi, Alireza Pourebrahimi
26Evaluation of urinary mercury levels in dentists of Dentistry department of Ahvaz oil industrys health care, in 2010Dr. AmirHoushang Daghayeghi, Dr.Hengameh Ashraf, Dr.Soheila Darmiani
27The Effects of Teaching Self-regulation Learning Models on the Educational Procrastination among Girl Students at Bu Ali Sina UniversityAbolghasem Yaghubi, Nafiseh Yari Moghadam, Safora Atarod