Paper List >> Volume 12،No. 1

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1Some result about G2-manifolds and its application in soliton equationM mahdi kamandar , Mohammad Mansori
2Investigating the Role of Nature Elements in Kashan HousesDr. Erfan Mohammadi, Mahtab Rahmani Sani
3The Effect of Internet Users Growth on Network MarketingFarnoosh Raees Dana, Mohammad Reza Razdar
4Review of some nondestructive methods for concrete structures and proposed PSD method for nondestructively evaluating damages in concrete slabsHossein Rahnema, Reza BahmanBijari
5Impact of Finasteride Administration on Neuroactive Steroid Levels To Induce Persistent Sexual Side Effects and Anxious/Depressive Disorders and the Possible Protective Effect of Vitamin ESahar Youssef, Sahar Badr El- Din Mohamed
6Analysis of the results of analytical and simulation With the network model and dynamic priority Unchecked Buffer Fathollah Dadgar Arablou, Aliyev alakbar
7Physiological Parametre Activity of Lens culinaris Medik under Caspian Sea Water TreatmentR. Ezzati, M. A. Zahed, M. Sharifi
8A Comparative Study on Cosmology in Suhrawardi and Ibn ‘Arabi Nadia Maftouni
9Neural network based voltage stability enhancement in power systemTianhao Chen
10Hybrid Prediction Model based on Day-ahead Price ForecastingTianhao Chen